Call It For What It Is…

What are the images or concepts hiding in the back of your mind?  You know what I’m talking about… they sit quietly in the very furthest corners of your consciousness, out of the way of your day to day thinking but where you can still see them.  They may be a little murky, but you can see them well enough to know what they are.  You ignore them…you figure
that so long as they don’t bother you, you won’t bother them.  The problem is…they do bother
you…even though you may not be fully aware of it.

If you are like I was, then you are reacting to those images/concepts without realizing it.  The image in the back of my mind was the word “vomit”.  It sat there for decades…I saw it vaguely, but ignored it fully.  It was an alert from the inner most part of my psyche but I was too busy hiding from it to see it for what it was.   Long story short, that image of the word “vomit” was the indication that I was actually likening myself to vomit.  The evidence was all over my life, but to that point, I hadn’t made the connection.

How about you…is there a constant, quiet image in the back of your brain?  Are you ready to face it and call it for what it is? Fully realizing that I considered myself as vomit, or likened myself to vomit, was the first step in turning the problem around.

The second step was to find a mirror, study my reflection and see that, in fact, I was NOT vomit…or anything close.  It was truly an elementary moment…speaking out loud to myself saying…I know what vomit looks like, and I know what I look like… I AM NOT VOMIT. I called it for what it was…a lie.  I had a few other choice words for the devil and his lie that came straight from the pit of hell, but I’ll spare you that part.

Facing that image and calling it for what it was doubled as an eviction notice to the concept.  From that day forward, never again did I think for feel like vomit…and my behavior began to change accordingly.

Are you ready to call yours for what it is?

God bless and, as always, thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Call It For What It Is…

  1. As always, Margie, that is a powerful truth. It’s amazing but I read that the heart has more neurons than the brain and has the capacity for memory. Someone or something caused you to store that memory in your heart that you were like vomit and until you acknowledged that and changed it at the heart level you would keep that distorted self-image. I know from experience as well – once you honestly face it and see and believe the truth – your behavior changes. You are by far one of the most amazing women I’ve ever known.

    1. Oh Ann, thank you but…amazing? No. God is amazing; I’m just along for the ride. He’s with me day by day, moment by moment…in the dark places and the bright places.

      What you say about the heart having its own memory is fascinating. I want to look into further.

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