Count it a Lesson in Love

Do you resent the tough times in your life, or do you count them as lessons in love.

I used to resent the tough times in my life, but anymore, there’s hardly a day that goes by when I don’t thank the Lord for those times in my life, along with the hard-hearted, mean spirited people that were often part and parcel of those times.

All of the negative situations, false accusations, and/or scornful comments have come together as a compassion-building force in my life, and I pity the people who have not had the same opportunities as I have had in this regard. Opportunities such as learning first hand, that losing one’s home to foreclosure isn’t necessarily due to laziness, nor is having your water or your lights shut off necessarily due to being irresponsible.

The opportunities to donate plasma for a fee that provided just a little bit more gas or food money to get through the week were priceless also because they opened my eyes to the many other sweet people, from various walks of life, who were in the same boat…and believe me when I tell you…it’s a big boat… much bigger than I ever realized.

Through personal experience I have learned that depression isn’t a plea for attention, anxiety attacks are “for real” (its sufferers should be treated with care) and seasons of strong, chronic pain can be legitimately, and often inconveniently, debilitating…regardless of what others may think.

From time to time I hear the saying “a broken heart has more room in it.” I’m not sure who originally coined the phrase, but I do know they were absolutely right.  All of the tears I’ve cried, the humiliations I’ve suffered, setbacks I have experienced, the pain I have felt, and the insults I have endured throughout my life, I now count as lessons in love…wonderful and irreplaceable lessons in love  that I wouldn’t trade for anything!

Thank you, Lord!!

God bless, and as always, thanks for reading!


One thought on “Count it a Lesson in Love

  1. Touchingly and beautifully expressed Margie and I’ve missed your insightful posts! I agree. All the seemingly hurtful and negative experiences in my life have softened me and created understanding and empathy in me for other people. We can never totally know what someone else has experienced and how it has affected them and it is not our job to make judgments – just to love. Perfect Friday morning post.

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