Why go forward?

You go forward because you have no choice…at first.  You go forward because the idea of going back, or staying where you are, makes your skin crawl.  You go forward because there’s still just the teeniest-tiniest trace of adventure in your spirit …enough to make you want to see what, if anything, is on the other side.

As you begin walking through the fire associated with change,  you begin to overcome. Those successes, even the little ones, birth the faint  scent of a sweet, fresh  freedom which is coming if you stay the course, and it drives you further.  When you hit some fire that’s way too hot, or a wall that’s way too tall, and all you want is O-U-T, you’ll take a break and that’s O.K.  You won’t stay still long though because the time, effort and energy you have already expended, and your desire not to waste it all, propels you even further.  It’s then that the thought of going back makes you sick to your stomach and that is when you push harder and your successes start to increase.

That’s also when you start really embracing the course you’re on, really begin to make ground, and get the larger successes.  These successes open doors for you, in your mind and in your day to day living –and  that’s when you begin to see and understand that the prize really is accessible to YOU and that it’s worth the price you’ve been paying to get it. This is what drives to finish at any cost.

Before it’s all said and done,  you have become the person you never thought you had it in you to be, and you have gained the things you thought were reserved only for others.  You’ll feel GOOOOD about yourself and your life, and you’ll hardly be able to keep yourself from telling others why THEY should go forward.

That’s why you go forward.

God bless and thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Why go forward?

  1. You actually described the process of change and moving forward so honestly, without any white-washing or sugar coating – but still made it appealing in the end! Awesome! Inspiring! Motivating!

  2. Margie!

    You got me with the first paragraph – we MUST go forward. The call to adventure is powerful in itself. Now, combine that with an “inability” to retreat . . . !

    Thanks for this upbeat post, timely in that I recently restarted my blog following a short break. (Seeing that YOU also made the decision to recommit to blogging after some time off encourages me even more.) :~)

    Continuing on to the finish!

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