Forgiveness…What Is Your Strategy?

Why do we forgive?  Because God commands us to, and because not forgiving turns inward on us. It makes us bitter and sick inside.  How do we forgive?  For me it begins with love. And to love them, I need to understand, to some extent, their pain.  I need to remember that people who hurt others do so because they, themselves, have been hurt. I need to realize that their misdeeds, though hurtful and damaging at the times,  should have no lasting value because they came from such a valueless place.

I’ll give you one example from my own past.  Two neighborhood boys…bullies.  They bullied me verbally every night and eventually began to get on either side of me, shoulder to shoulder, crowd me, pinch my behind and threaten to rape me.  They did this repeatedly for the better part of a summer.  I walked away from that group of kids completely, for my own safety, and later found that, indeed, they’d made plans to keep their promise.  At the age of 11, I was saved by the grace of God, and the ears of someone who overheard them designing a strategy to pull me into the bushes and do what they wanted to do. The whole thing still sends chills up my spine.

One of these boys was just a puppet.  He would do anything the other one told him to do.  The other was a very different story.  This boy was clearly evil, and very angry.   No one internalizes and manifests that sort of evil and anger at that age (possibly 14) on their own.  He was deeply wounded by someone, in some way and just acting out on the weakest vessel he could find, which was me.

The puppet?  Well, what else can you say about that?  He was a follower.  He didn’t have it in him to say no.   He just didn’t have it in him.

So -though it took a very long time, I forgave them based on their limitations.  I could do that.  I chose to do that…not for them, but for me, so that I could be free.

Now I have to do the same for everyone else on the list :).  Again, not for them, but for me…so that I can be free!

Who will you forgive as we move into the new year? What is your strategy?

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One thought on “Forgiveness…What Is Your Strategy?

  1. Margie what a powerful story – and so insightful. Joyce Meyer says the same thing – hurting people hurt people. That doesn’t excuse it but we can better understand the source. I’ve learned something very powerful for me as far as forgiveness goes. To forgive in the Hebrew means to send away. So I send the offense away – I let that go – it is “forgiven.” I am to treat the person with mercy. That can just mean you don’t retaliate. You treat them better than they deserve. You don’t send them to jail! But, and this is what really helped me – you deal with them in wisdom. In the case of your story – exactly what you did – remove yourself from them. You hit the nail on the heat – forgiving is for me; it frees me. Thank you for sharing that!

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