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10:15PM…all time record for lateness here…but part of my delay was getting to watch a good, true, and precious friend walk in the glory of God tonight, which makes the late hour very well worth it!

Here we go…
Never count anyone out.  You never…ever…know what is really going on inside of them. You never know how close they are to finding that new level of living, giving or even inspiring.

Now, that said…
If you feel as though people have counted you out…cast you off…or even given up on you,  I want you to run a little, personal, internal audit.  I had to do this recently, as well.  Go back over your interactions with the people you feel hurt by.  What have they seen with regard to your choices?  Do they see a string of bad decisions attached to your challenges? Do they see someone who, for reasons known or unknown, won’t take valid advice?  Do they see the one thing you don’t…someone who is worth so much than their current existence reflects?

Have you taken the time and energy to show them how hard you are trying and where you are trying, or have you blown them off? In a nutshell, have you stepped into The OwnZone…and accepted responsibility for communicating the whole truth of where you are and why?  Not to everyone…but to people who could help you, people who truly love you.

On lookers aren’t able to see what you see of your situation. Having been on both sides now, I can tell you first hand – it can be just as frustrating to watch someone you care for suffer in a mess, as it is hurtful to be misunderstood within that mess.

Once again, none of us should judge, but as someone in need of help, you nust take ownership of the communication for your life. They see the external evidence of your suffering, but have no way of understanding what you really need or why it’s so hard unless you shared it with them.

If you have, GREAT!  If not, give them a chance to really understand. Give them the chance that you want them to give you.

God bless, and…as always, thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “The OwnZone

  1. That is often more difficult than it seems it should be – to be vulnerable, transparent and honest about what you are going through and what you need. This was a very insightful post Margie.

    1. Margie Latch says:

      You are absolutely right Ann, it is hard…but imperative, if we want help. Thank you for the reply Ann!

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