I Was So Wrong!

One of the best days of my life was the day I realized how wrong I was in my theology. It’s not about works of any sort. Works done unto Him certainly have their place, and should be respected, but the promises are pinned to His work on Calvary. We don’t have healing because of the money we put in the offering, or the work we do at church.  We have healing  because Jesus paid in full for it on the Cross. We can’t repay Him by earning His sacrifice…or buying it. We repay Him by believing in what He did…by accepting His work as final.

All that to say, God does NOT hold anything back from you. While a life dedicated to God will be rewarded, not one promise is awaiting your next offering or your next good deed. NOT ONE.

It’s about reach.
Those promises…natural and spiritual…are in set places. Our reach grows toward them by getting the Word in our spirits,  as many have taught.  They come by replacing what you see in the world with what you see in the Word. Rehearsing daily…several times daily…reciting out loud what God says. Doing an internal audit and deciding whether or not you believe, as you read the Word, that God is actually speaking directly to, and about,  YOU.

Once you truly …through and through…have a grasp on that, next is allowing the Holy Spirit to advise you on where you need work…what needs changed within you in order to handle/manage your gift…your promise, successfully.  This usually takes time, but again, it’s not God who makes that determination.  That determination of time is made by you for your life, and me for mine.

Take heart.
Proverbs 13:12 say: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” If you are like I used to be – a walking, taking version of that verse, then let this bring back your hope.  There is no endless list of chores to accomplish, or mysterious dollar figure you need to hit to get your breakthrough.  With all of your being…just believe, and then actively choose to receive!

As always, thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “I Was So Wrong!

    1. Margie Latch says:

      Thank you sir…for everything!

  1. That is so foundational and basic and completely changes our approach to God – in the very best way.

    1. Margie Latch says:

      Yes ma’am! Thank you for commenting, Ann. You are an inspiration!

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