Don’t Be Tolerated!

Hi everyone… short and sweet this time!

It’s no fun conversing with someone who consistently shows irritation at your most innocuous comments or gestures.  You’re just being you…not being negative or ugly…just you, and they are barely able tolerate it, or you.  It’s their choice to show their arrogance, and truly not your issue.

You may have done something wrong somewhere along the way to bring their ire, or you may not. It’s their ire…not yours.  Don’t internalize it.  Don’t wonder what might be wrong with YOU.  They are doing it.  Let them own it.  You can gently confront the issue if you’d like. Something I favor, and may bring good results.  In my view, a gentle confrontation shows respect for the relationship, and gives them a chance to rethink things.

Making changes.
If you choose to confront and nothing changes…move on. If you can’t move on, at least make adjustments. Their actions are damaging to you. Until that person is generally accepting of you, they need less access/exposure to you…and you need less access/exposure to them.

It doesn’t have to be ugly.
You can provide someone less access without passing judgement, believe it or not.  You don’t need to pass judgement. That’s not your job.  Love them, leave them to God, but distance yourself. I’ve done it in the past. It served my life, and my walk with the Lord, very well.

As always, God bless and thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Tolerated!

  1. There is so much wisdom here Margie! Absolutely I have had to do this in my life numerous times – and the biggest part was forgiving them and not judging (for me). But what a blessing. In one instance I distanced myself from the person for years and then was able to allow him back into our lives for a time. Each of us was created to be a unique, masterpiece that God loves and cherishes – we should never settle for just being tolerated by anyone who doesn’t appreciate us.

    1. Margie Latch says:

      Ann…you said: “Each of us was created to be a unique, masterpiece that God loves and cherishes…” If everyone truly and fully understood this, much of the world’s pain would dissipate instantly. I’m so glad you were able to draw the boundaries you have…and then adjust them when you saw the opportunity, even if it was only for a season. God bless you my friend, and thank you for your faithfulness to this site!!

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