Pedestals and Pavement

It happens over and over. We see the best of someone, and we assume it lines up with the rest of that someone.  We trusted that the 10% we saw was their entire identity.  We forgot to add standard human frailties to the equation. Once we find out we’re wrong, we feel angry, betrayed and humiliated.  Sometimes we lash out in our disappointment.

If you’re there right now, let me offer you some advice…and while I’m offering it to you, I’ll offer to myself, as well.  Two of life’s many truths are this…every one of us experiences disappointment in this life and everyone one of us causes disappointment in this life.  We all fall off the pedestal and hit the pavement at some point, in someone’s eyes.  Every one of us.

The next time someone falls from their pedestal, why don’t we respond to them, the same way we hope they’ll respond to us, when we hit the pavement.  Let’s offer some gentleness, some compassion and maybe even a touch of forgiveness.

God bless, and as always, thanks for reading!


One thought on “Pedestals and Pavement

  1. This is a very relevant word especially in the political climate in our country. How about we give each other some mercy! Well said Marcy. Not one of us is perfect.

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