Change Your Perspective, Change Your Pain.

Hi there…

I say this all the time…. Change your perspective, change your pain.

In the past few weeks I’ve had some challenges. The heater started acting up, my gas range developed a leak so bad that it needed to be cut off and replaced immediately, annnnnnd… (as of today) my car won’t pass emissions without getting hundreds of dollars worth of repair work done, thereby delaying the renewal of the registration tags.   By the time the car news rolled in…I was NOT a happy camper.

I lost track of a few things along the way.
First…yes, my gas heater started acting up…and yes I needed to have it repaired.  But… the gas heater is what brought the gas company out to my house, and it was that same gas company visit which brought the issue with my gas range to light.  The gas range was emitting lethal levels of CO…even when it was turned off.  I never would have known had the heater not needed attention.  So…yes…you could say that the malfunctioning heater may well have saved my life.  Do I focus on the unexpected expense or the fact that I’m still here to talk about it? Changing your perspective changes your pain.

Gas Ranges are expensive…
Dang expensive, if you ask me.  I was bent on finding a good deal (thank you, Anthony Mahathy for the sound appliance shopping advice) on a range with a self-cleaning function.  Just last night I found her…my new gas range.  She self-cleans,  has five burners, convection functionality, delayed start and a host of other delightful attributes that I never would have thought to look for.  She is an $854 value that I paid only $399 for. Do I focus on  the fact that my old range tried to kill me, or the brand new range that is the best I’ve ever owned, and only cost $16 more than the no-frills, manual clean, base level gas ranges I’d seen in several places?  Again…changing your perspective changes your pain.

My car.  Well… in the end my car will be fixed and the tags will be current. There’s not a lot there to overly excited about…the repair won’t save my life, nor will it make my car worth twice it’s value.  The problem is inconvenient to say the least, especially given the timing. However, as the nice mechanic drove me home to await the estimate, he commented on my nice car.  I replied with a “yea…except for what all has gone wrong with it.”  He was silent.  His silence gave me pause to think that maybe he’d be grateful for my problems. It also reminded me of a few times…like the year I spent without a car….when I would have given anything to have the challenges I’m facing today.   Again…changing my perspective , changed my pain.

I’m not suggesting that this approach is a “heal all” but it will lighten the load, if you let it. Will you let it work for you? Where will you let this work for you?

As always, God bless and thanks for reading,



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  1. Absolutely Margie – I honestly try to do this with whatever is going on – it could always be worse and seeing the blessing in it (and there is almost always one) changes everything.

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