Singing … Yet Another Voice

What voice haven’t you given expression to yet?
We have different avenues for voice within us, all of which come from a different place and need the gift of expression.  For me, voice comes through writing what I know…and what I hope uplifts and aids my readers, brainstorming with people to help them move forward in life, and of late…singing.

For the bulk of my adult life, which spans decades now, I’ve not been able to sing on my own. The only tunes I had  access to in my mind were a few TV  themes from childhood, and on occasion, I could take an old song and change the lyrics to leave an amusing voicemails for friends.  I could never just sing to myself for enjoyment. I would try sometimes, but nothing would come.

No…I’m not seeking the stage
When I say singing, I’m not talking about the kind of singing that others would enjoy listening to … or that I would even ask them to listen to.  I’m speaking of the singing that comes from the truest, purest, innermost place, and is generally heard only by my dog, as I piddle around the house.  It’s an expression that carries both joy and healing with it, and springs from a freedom I’ve never felt I had.  It seems to be the sealant God is using to fasten the operational side of me to the emotional/spiritual side of me …the finishing touch to the cohesion of all my parts and pieces.

To bring it home
The bottom line is this… ask God to unlock all your avenues of expression…all the ways within you that carry voice. It’s an integral part of your path to healing, happiness, and peace.   If you have a desire to sing…ask him to help you sing. If you want to write, ask Him to help you write.  If, when you see a blank piece of paper, you dearly wish you could draw…then ask God to help you draw.  No matter what it is, ask Him to help you let it out, let it breathe, then let it do it’s thing in your life!

As always, God bless and thanks for reading,


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