Looking For A Focus?

Trova, e godono, di grande scopo della tua vita!

Translation: “Find, and enjoy, great purpose in your life!” Finding your purpose can be as simple as taking the gifts and talents you’ve been given and putting them to use with your passions in life.

What are your gifts and talents? Generally, you’ll find those to be the things you do the best with the least amount of effort.

What are your passions? Are there news stories that keep you up at night? Are there problems, (outside of your own life) either in the world at large, or right in your neighborhood, that you feel driven to fix? What is it that makes your spirit soar? For my friend Louise, it’s street ministry.  For me…well, mind is two-fold, but both related to ministry.  Nothing makes my heart soar like being used of God to bring a positive change into someone’s life…whether it be through writing, mentoring,  or praying.  That said…I have many administrative gifts and dearly enjoy using all of them in support of someone who is getting started (or restarted) on God’s errand for their life, and doesn’t necessarily have a large staff (or church) to pull from.

A great example of passion, gifts and talents coming together is William Wilberforce. He used his affluence, his aptitude for persuasiveness, and his compassion for the helpless to, among other things, bring total abolishment to the slave trade in Great Britain. It was an issue, of which, he could not let go until it was finished in July of 1833, when the Slavery Abolition Act was finally passed. Your purpose may not be quite as big as his, but it’s every bit as important because it is what you were sent here to do.

Once you find your purpose, focus on it, and begin to enjoy the fruit of your work in that purpose!

As always, thanks for reading, and God bless!


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