Failure Doesn’t Finish Anyone

…nor does it remove the call which God has placed on your life. It doesn’t remove your giftings, or any of the skills you’ve picked up over time. Failure, in and of itself, simply provides an opportunity to see where you need to sharpen your skills or redirect your efforts.

In the Bible…Peter failed. He denied Jesus 3 times when it mattered the most.  But still – even after his failure, God chose him to begin building the church.

The people below… as successful as they were, all knew the deep, dark chasm of great failure…multiple failures actually.  Each name below serves as a link back to their respective stories.

Abraham Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Chris Gardener (Pursuit of Happyness)
Dr. Seuss

The only thing that finishes us, besides dying, is our own decision to give up…to be finished. Failure, when we’ve allowed ourselves to learn from it, propels us to even greater results!

It’s never about “what happened”; it’s only ever about OUR OWN perspective on “what happened.” If you’re tired, take a rest.  Take as much rest as you need, but then get up and get back at it.

The decision is ALL YOURS!

God bless, and as always, thanks for reading!


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