No More Nooses

As I sit here…at the end of one of the more frustrating days I’ve had in a while, it occurs to me that going to get the German Chocolate Valium (oops, I meant to say cake 😉) won’t do much for the day I’ve had.  It won’t change my productivity level, it won’t change the news I heard, or fix the mistakes I did not catch before my product went to print.  It will, though, serve to provide a moment of pure joy, and that alone may well make it worth all the calories, at this point.

I’m learning something…in weight loss and in life.  Perfection is a myth.  True excellence is in the effort, and there are times when it’s OK to relax the effort.  Like Joyce Meyer said…“sometimes it’s OK to eat the cookie and/or buy the shoes.” God will love you and I just as much, whether we do or we don’t.

If I can leave you with anything this week…it’s to treat yourself gently.  Learn from me…someone who has had to work hard to extinguish acute onslaughts of self-loathing over the mistakes that I didn’t catch, changes I haven’t made, or the life I haven’t lived.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t consistently try hard…keep reaching. We absolutely should.  We are worth the end result.  I’m just asking that you not let yourself be hung on perfection.  It’s a noose that will steal your peace, your health, and possibly your sanity.

God bless and, as always, thanks for reading!


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