Loving Life Back Into You

IMAG2076Like many people, I’ve walked through some deep emotional deserts.  The last time I found myself in that emotionally lifeless place, the Holy Spirit convicted me to pour  love out onto someone…tenderly and generously.

Actually…he told me to love on Carmie…my dog.   She is my best little buddy.  She receives love better than anyone I know, and, like most dogs, does a great job of giving it back consistently.  That’s another part of the key…pour into someone who’ll  receive your love in  full, and genuinely return it.  As people can be kinda fickle this way, I would recommend anyone reading this start with their pet as well.

As I moved forward on my directive, I discovered that…the more I poured out, the more emotional refreshment I began to experience.  It didn’t take very long at all before I started feeling alive  inside again . Of course, Carmie loved the extra attention too, so it was a win all the way around.

Please don’t try to do this with someone who has rejected you, or who is unavailable to you in any other way.  The goal here is not to climb Everest. The goal is to bring life back into your own spirit. 

God bless, and as always, thanks for reading!




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