Your Beautiful Voice

voiceHaving a voice means … being heard, and having what you share be respected.  What it does not mean is always getting your way.

I’ve been in plenty of environments where no one cared to hear what I thought. I don’t stay in those places anymore.  I leave for two reasons. 1.  I don’t need to operate under constant disrespect. 2. If my thoughts are of no value in a given place, then I’m not needed in that place, therefore a new space where my contribution can make a valuable difference, must be found. No need to take offense in that environment. Just move on.

I’ve also been in places where I was given voice, my voice was respected, but rarely followed. Well, in those circumstances, I must respect the decision maker’s overarching knowledge, and privilege to move as he or she sees fit.  This leaves me two options…learn more, in order to provide real value, or move on to a better, more natural fit.  Either works…but here especially, you and I must hear the voice of God before choosing.  God is big on “learning more”, but that’s not without exception so always pray first.

God gave you a super smart mind, and a beautiful voice for expression, for a reason. Be sure you operate in places where both are respected, and appreciated. Otherwise, it’s a waste of precious time and energy for both you and them.

God bless, and as always, thanks for reading,



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