The Case For Space

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Late one evening over a decade ago, while driving home from an evening out in Nashville, my vehicle and I were overtaken by a bout of severe weather. Without warning, the rain started and instantly became a thick curtain, with the only visible light being that which accompanied the lightning bolt which kissed my car. It wasn’t very long before the hail started,porch and the heavy winds got up under my jeep, making every attempt to take it, and me, air born.  By this time I was pulled over, tears streaming down my face, completely panicked, and with my fingers plugged into my ears to soften the deafening sound of the hail hitting my car.  It was one of the scariest moments of my life and birthed a relatively irrational fear of being away from home in a storm.

Have you ever noticed that most storms seem to come during rush hour? Given this…I’ve spent many a stressful storm season dreading conversations with generally very good bosses, about leaving work early (or coming in late) to get (or be) home during a storm. This year, however, was different.

The difference this year…my boss gave me the space to come and go around the storms as I needed without fuss.  Her choice to give me the space I needed, gave me the opportunity to process my the irrationality of the fear, without the interference of guilt or stress over asking for the exception.

That space gave me what I needed to overcome that fear, in a way that could not be forced by the parameters of others, or even sound logic.

The moral of my story?  Give yourself (and/or others) plenty of space to get your (or their) issues worked out. Be truthful, prayerful, loving, kind and supportive for as long as you can…to yourself, and/or others.  God will use the time and space to get you free.

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  1. Your boss is a wise woman. That’s such an important thing to understand. We can’t force anyone – not even ourselves – to feel any differently about anything until we truly are ready and having the time and space to do so is a blessing.

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