Pain Like Sheets of Rain

This is a re-post from a long, long time ago.  I pray it blesses you. 

All I can tell you is this…if you are hurting, if you are lonely, if you feel forsaken and no one will listen…Jesus will.  Jesus will let you lay your head on his lap and cry all the tears you need to cry, as many times as you need to cry them.  I’ve known this for a long time but recently received a crash renewal on it. I’m walking through a season where pain comes in like sheets of rain. It’s been crippling, but there’s no person in my life who has the time or inclination to listen, or even notice right now.  I’m not speaking disparagingly of anyone. In fact, I’m sure I’m guilty of the same for someone else.  Life is just like that sometimes…for everyone.

We are designed for horizontal relationships, as well as a vertical one.  God never intended for people to be alone or to go through life only relating to and with Him. Even so, there are times when God really is all you will have, and I can say from personal experience, that the best gift you can give yourself is an authentic and deep relationship with Him.

Open the door to the most tender and steadfast love you could ever experience.  Allow yourself the space and the grace to ask for and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  You will never, ever regret it.

You don’t need to be a good person or to have lived a good life in order to qualify…you just need an open heart toward Him…for who He is and what He has to offer. 

As it is with anything, the more you put into this relationship, the more you will get out of it.  It’s a rare person who has all their hurts healed the day they ask Jesus into their life.  I certainly didn’t, but giving myself, or in this case, yourself over to Christ allows Him to lead you to that healing.  The healing process takes time, and will require some effort on your part, but if you give him the time and space He needs, He’ll get you there.

He loves you so very much; trust, accept and let Him show you.

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You’re OK, Regardless of What They Say!

Life is trial and error for everyone. It’s OK – God knew that from the get-go. Seriously…He really did! He never expected you to do everything just right…even when you knew better.

It’s never gonna be perfect. You’re never gonna to be perfect.  You’re gonna mess up…sometimes a lot…that’s OK.

Some people are gonna walk away…that’s OK.  You’re OK.  Even if you need work (and who doesn’t), you’re still OK.

That courtroom in your mind…the one that finds you guilty at ever turn. Shut it down, lock the doors and throw away the key. You’re OK.

From the finger pointers…this time YOU walk way. It’s OK. You’re still OK.

You are an amazing creature…not a perfect one.  You were fearfully and wonderfully made…God said so.  God never speaks of having created perfection in humanity….He created imperfect humans to need and receive HIS absolutely perfect love.

Take yourself to the mirror and repeat after me… I AM NOT PERFECT, BUT THAT’S OK AND I’M OK!

And…for extra credit… read these  to yourself in front of that same mirror.


Ecclesiastes 7:20  There is not a righteous person on earth who always does good and never sins.

Romans 8:37-39 – No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

YOU ARE OK, regardless of what they say!

God bless…and, as always, thanks for reading!


Go To …Your O2!

If you want out of that hole, then you need to surround yourself with people that believe you can come out of that hole, want you to come out of that hole, and have come out of a hole themselves. You also need to believe, i.e…make a conscious choice to trust …that God’s number one desire for you is to come out of that hole. If you don’t have that kind of trust and support, then seek it out, pray it out…do what you have to do but don’t stop until you find it.  It will be your Oxygen for the climb.

 If it weren’t for how God was able to operate in my life, through my support system, most of which came from my church, there’d be no LifeLifted.Org right now, because the Margie that is before you now, would not exist.

Here’s an example of the value of support. It was my mentor at church, Ernie, who first started encouraging me to write, and now I get to write for all of you! Her consistent encouragement, over time, made me think I could write professionally.  Her support, in this area and others, provided much oxygen for the climb. The sermons I listen to…every single Sunday, after Wednesday, after Sunday, after Wednesday…(all  geared, in some way, shape or form, toward encouragement for the climbers), all provided oxygen, off of which I gained strength to take those next steps up and out.  In my life, if there had been no support, there’would have been no success.  No one can do it alone, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying, or at the very least, are laboring under a gross misunderstanding.

Please trust me on this…do whatever you need to do to develop your trust in the love  God has for YOU, and then develop a hearty  support system.  The two together will likely be the single most important element for finding your success.

For me, part of finding the support I needed involved moving 800 miles away from everything I’d ever known, to a place I’d never been.  I’m not suggesting that you have to do what I did, but don’t hesitate to do whatever it is you need to do, whether it is to change your friends, your job, your church or, even your address.  Do what you have to do in order to go to your O2 !

God bless, and as always, thanks for reading!


Just Say No

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This post will be pretty short and sweet…the traditional Thanksgiving food coma is still semi-present in this girl’s system. 🙂

Just Say No
Sometimes I do things I don’t want to, but I stopped making it a lifestyle.  Did you see that? I S-T-O-P-P-E-D making it a lifestyle.  I drew healthy boundaries. It wasn’t easy, but it was necessary.  Healthy boundaries are some of our life’s best friends.

No human voice (or need) replaces the will of God in your life. There has to be a balance and a person may redirect you appropriately at times out of wisdom, but always, Always, ALWAYS –  it’s God first.  God’s voice must be first and foremost in your life.  If you are following a pattern that keeps you out of balance, then you need to evaluate and make whatever changes are necessary to bring the balance (and peace) back.  

At the end of your life you will answer, all by yourself, for the decisions you made. The people or circumstances which pull you outside the box of balance will not be standing there with you at that time. It will just be you, God, and your regret.  Don’t let avoidable regret be your companion in that moment.

The things in your heart matter. Your dreams matter. The life that quietly beckons you deserves a good look-see. It may well be a gift from God that should be followed up on prayerfully and carefully. This requires time. Boundaries create time.  Time to be quiet. Time to think.  Time to plan. Time to implement…and time to enjoy. 

95 & counting
I’ve talked about this before but… A great exercise is to imagine yourself at about age 95, looking back over your life.  What will you want to see…what will you want to have accomplished…what will, from that vantage point, look like time well spent?  Now, take that information and make a list. Let that list dictate your new boundaries.

In your boundary setting…be loving, but also clear and firm.  Confidence in your choices will come with time.

As always, thank you for reading!


Just Breathe.

You might carry so much pain inside that ALL you can do is stay still and breathe. That’s Okay. If no one else gives you permission, and you can’t seem to give it to yourself, then I’ll go ahead and give you permission to just be still and breathe. I certainly do it when I need to.

Right now is only a comment on rigNow is not foreverht now …not the rest of your life, and it’s O.K. to do what you need to do in order to get through right now. I’m not suggesting you do something self-destructive or harmful in anyway; I am suggesting that you take a break, give yourself some space, and get some rest. Cry until you cry it all out. If you have to do it all over again tomorrow, then do it all over again tomorrow. If you need help, ask for help. You are well worthy of having help when you need it.

Before too long, the sun will shine again.  It always does. When the sun does shine again and your mind is clear…even if only for a moment, ask God to help you find your way out of the hole, keep a keen eye toward what He shows you, and apply the information accordingly.

And…if need be, start the process all over again. Sometimes it takes several rounds before we “get it” and subsequently …get out. In the mean time, don’t do anything rash as a result of your pain; just stand still and breathe.

God bless and, as always, thanks for reading!


Being Valuable Begins With Being Available.

There was a young lady in my old neighborhood who, at that time had just turned eight years old.  I watched her day after day, out my front window. She was so sad. As time went by and we got to know one another, she began sharing some of her reasons for being so sad. As it turned out, one of her parents was under a great deal of pressure and that pressure was spilling over on to my precious, little friend. She was just sure it was ALL her fault.

I tried to explain what adults sometimes do to others when the pressures of life start caving in on us, and that the pain she was experiencing from their pressure had nothing at all to do with her. I tried my best to make her understand that it was not her fault.

She and I made a strategy. Part one was to understand that her parent’s frustration was not about her. Part two was to “listen” the first time she was told to do something, and part three was to pray. A few days later she reported back that all was going well. She said “Miss Margie, this listening thing works GREAT!” She also indicated a firm understanding that it wasn’t about her. I was so pleased! God had done a quick work in her and she was much happier from that point on. I had no idea, though, how much of an impact that little conversation had until six months later.

She had a friend come by from out of town. She introduced him to me and in the course of the conversation said to her friend: “No… you have no idea, you don’t understand…she (pointing to me) made me know that it’s not my fault…well, sometimes it’s my fault, but most of the time it’s not. Somebody else’s bad mood isn’t my fault.”

In one or two conversations, God gave her a complete perspective shift on herself and the boundaries of her responsibility. Her decisions will be based on something much healthier for the rest of her life because of God… and I had the honor of taking part in it!

It’s amazing what God can do through us, when we make ourselves available to Him. I challenge you to say: “I’m available to you, God” and then see what happens!


Assurance & Attraction

I am learning something profound about self assurance. The more of it I have, the morewould-god-lie I get and the more people respond to me in a positive way. This seems to bring more opportunity my way.  When I am feeling more insecure, the insecurity goes on the increase and I start to repel people and opportunity.  It’s the oddest thing…but still very real.

It’s a choice
I’ve also learned that self assured is something we can choose to be, regardless of the opinions of people around us.  That’s why the term starts with the word “self”, rather than “others”.  Making that choice takes courage though…especially if you’ve never felt good about yourself.  A good place to start looking for the courage you need is in the Word of God.  In His word, God says we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  He says that He calls us His Friend, and that, once saved, we are the righteousness of Christ. If the Alpha and the Omega says all that about us, who are we to argue?  We do though, don’t we?

No down side
There is no down side to true self assurance.  Self assurance is not self righteousness.  It doesn’t mean you think you’re right all the time.  Nor does it equate to arrogance or boastfulness in any other way…in fact, it’s the opposite of arrogance and/or boastfulness.  Self assurance allows for humility without insecurity. It allows you to be wrong, but still be Okay. A self assured person knows their innate value and therefore has no need to prove anything …to anyone…ever.

If you lack self assurance, then dedicate the next season of your life to finding it. It may not happen overnight but commit to work on it…meditate on it, eat, sleep and breathe it until you fully digest it. Then, trust and accept it. Take that leap of faith. Choose to believe in the idea that you…your thoughts, feelings and opinions are valid and valuable.

It will attract good things into your life… I promise!

God bless, and as always, thanks for reading!


In All Things

The bible (1Thessalonians 5:18) places a mandate on us to be thankful “in” all things.  Notice…it doesn’t say be thankful “for” all things.  We don’t have to be grateful for the damaging experiences we’ve had, but we do need to find something within them…something they gave us, for which to be grateful. At least that’s my take on it.

No pretense here…
I’m not a bible scholar, so I won’t theorize on exactly why we are mandated to be thankful in all things. I can tell you this…finding something to appreciate in a bad situation creates a power shift.  It shifts the power from the event, back to the victim, thereby opening a door to authentic victory over that event. It aids us in overcoming what we’ve been through.

Being thankful in all things is tough, but we can do it. It may take some creativity, and it will certainly take some “intentionality”.  I’ll go first, and I’m gonna go big!  If this is your first attempt, then I suggest you go small…starting small is starting at a manageable place.  You can work up to big later on.

Here’s mine…
At the age of nine, I had a break, of sorts, in my psyche.  It came approximately 3 months after I’d been taken advantage of sexually, and came from the right person in the wrong mood, at the wrong time.  It was only one comment, but it decimated my spirit. It was the straw that broke this camel’s back. In that moment, my vision…my natural, physical vision became significantly darker, as though all the lights in the room were on the same dimmer switch, and someone-right in that moment– rolled that switch back…suddenly and dramatically. The vision certainly wasn’t the only item impacted, but we’ll save the rest of the story for another time.

So… what’s the grateful part?
So, what is it “in” that situation that I am intentionally choosing to be thankful for?  I could go for the cop out of saying that I’m grateful for the grace of God that got me through it.  I am very thankful for that, but  I’m going for something deeper, something from the ruins, something that says more than “I’m just glad it’s over”. So, here it is… I am grateful that I can remember it so very clearly, and am able to articulate it – even now, as though it just happened. I am grateful that I have it, as a gift, to give to others, through compassion, empathy, understanding, wisdom and, above all, love.

That’s mine.  What’s yours?

As always, God bless and thanks for reading!


What Can I do…For YOU?

What can I do …for YOU?  What can I write that would bless you?  What informationjust-ask can I bring forward that will help YOU?

This blog is not for me…it’s for all of you. My  heart is to make your lives better…much better.  The goal is to bring more than hope. Hope is wonderful, but I want to see hope lead to fruition in all of your lives.

Is there a specific topic you’d like me to write a book on?

What sort of products would you want to have available for purchase  here, and what would a comfortable price range be for you?

If you’re aren’t comfortable sharing in the comment section below, please feel free to drop me a line. My email address is:  

Don’t be shy now… I am eager to hear what I can do…for YOU!

As always, thanks for reading!





Go Ugly!

Anyone who knows me well knows …I  d.e.t.e.s.t. being lied to. Tell me your ugly truth all day long…but don’t lie.  Ygo-uglyou can’t do anything genuine with a lie…nothing will stand on it, or hold around it.  They are a complete waste of my time.

God may be just a tad like me.  He doesn’t deal with our lies, our masks, our pretenses. He wants an authentic presentation of where we are…what we really think and what we really feel.

He reminded me of the value He places on truth earlier this week. I’ve been under pressure to change my body size and fitness level…drastically… in a healthy fashion.  Taking a long standing personal issue like this one and turning it around is hard enough under the best of circumstances…without the attitude issues I brought to the table.

I just haven’t wanted to make this change…too much rejection attached.  I felt as though the change being demanded of me  validated the boatload of rejection I experienced in my growing up years. It legitimized their right to hurt me.  I was ticked.  I  tried to find my way to change  by reasoning through it, looking at it from an adult perspective, or being a good and forgiving Christian. None of it worked. It all just masked the truth.

Give It Up…
I finally quit.  I gave up “adulting”…I gave up  “christianing.” I crawled onto my exercise bike and as I was peddling,  I just “went there”…with full-throated anger and tears flowing, to God …about them. I was raw and unrepentant for it.   It was ugly…I was ugly…but God met me at my ugly and He healed me of that pain…He touched the volcanic anger I was emitting in His presence and in that moment it dissolved.

Our masks are lies…perhaps well intended but still… they’re lies.  God won’t do anything for us when we come to him with lies.

The Good News Is…
This gives us complete and perfect permission to go before Him without pretense, in our raw/natural state.  Lay our need before Him… as we are, not as we “ought”  and watch Him move on our behalf!

As always, thanks for reading!