Margie who???

Margie Latch…

I like to make a difference were I can…
I am a deeply Christian, spirit-filled woman who, not only knows what living for decades in deep despair and darkness is all about,  but who also knows what it is to find her way into the bright light of freedom, joy, and contentment through an intimate and consistent walk  with God.

Beyond that, I am a self-published author, and creative professional who is filled with love for those who are stuck in their darkness, and passion to show those same sweet people that a consistent, faith-filled walk with Jesus is their ticket out.   It’s not about perfection. I am far from perfect. (Just ask anyone who has needed me to be patient -;) ) It’s about your relationship with, and trust in the Lord, and the consistency in your efforts to move forward on your own behalf.

If you like what you see here…please share.  You never know who it might help.

Thank you, and God bless!